Next Steps

Looking Forward

We look forward to sharing our progress in 2021

  • Launch of a Community Strategic Impact Plan
  • Launch of a new Durham and Community Affairs website
  • Launch of a digital platform to report and facilitate community engagements
  • Continued commitment to Durham bolstered by a Duke Board of Trustees Duke and Durham Today and Tomorrow Task Force
  • Continued COVID-19 community support through grants and with programs such as Project Greenlight to inform business and ABC Science Collaborative to inform schools
  • Deepen commitment to community collaborations through civic engagement opportunities and establish the Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative to cultivate a community of practice

Focused Engagement

Duke will continue to engage the community broadly but will coordinate efforts for purposeful partnerships in these key focus areas. The focus areas are community-informed and also represent topics for which Duke can coordinate resources across the university and health system in partnership with the community for impact.

Graphic showing the interconnected areas of effort in housing, health, education, employment and community